What is Hospital Automation?

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Devesh Menawat, Director, Hospital Automation provides specific context to this talked-about buzzword.

This short discussion with a hospital automation expert Devesh Menawat, Director, Hospital Automation, breaks down what the buzz term “hospital automation” actually means in terms of hard deliverables, and delves into the specifics of how automating some aspects of healthcare can benefit clinicians, care teams, informaticists, Biomed/IT, and telehealth and aftercare specialists streamline workflows, minimize manual documentation, enhance the care experience for patients, and extend care beyond the hospital and into the home.


-Provide clear meaning to the term hospital automation relevant to various the teams that work to support patient care within and outside the hospital.

-Provide information on how the acquisition, aggregation, and application of patient data can lead to enhanced care.

-Offer insight into emerging vendor-agnostic technologies that are making it possible to move data seamlessly and apply it within the hospital and at home to improve care.

What is Hospital Automation?

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